Hey hey trash girl! (trashsocialite) wrote in ghetto_cosplay,
Hey hey trash girl!

Hi everyone! I just joined. So I saw the theme, thought "hey lets do this at 2 a/.m. after staying up for 24 hours straight!" No. Not a good idea. Look behind the lj cut for a good laugh.

Grr Yoh kill jooz!

We bad ass bitches. W0rd.

List of items used:

Shirt: white collared shirt
neck: green four leaf clover beads XD I wanted to find my white pearls but couldn't aww, too bad. xP
Headphones: Spondge bob ear warmers

haha, I love this community! This is a great idea!
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omg I seriously wanna' like, hug you right now...
You have no idea how long I've waited to see someone else drop in here and actually start up the ghettoness again.

In all honesty, it's been dead for quite a while, as ya' can see.. sampatches and splitpea started something awesome back in the day... I think all it needs are some people to start goin' crazy with it again ^__^. So.. hrm..

I'm going to stop hippocritin' here and get my Yoh on later on this afternoon. Hopefully Sam and Pea will start changing the character of the week again; if not, maybe it's time to start just going off with random ghetto cos :P

welcome to the community ^^
xD well thanks. Yea, I kinda noticed but it was tooo good to pass up and not do so even if no one was here I'd still do it because well..I am le random of all time!

And it sounds like a perfect idea! What's cooler then seeing new character, thinking for a second and going "shit!" and running up to dress up!

Hopefully people will do more and we can get this community back on its feet!
We got really disappointed when nobody really responded. But, we'll start, again.
I think, for next week, we've got to pay homage to the most ghetto-fied anime character in the history of American Otaku Culture:
Sailor Moon.

let's butcher her one more time before we lay down the sword of shoujo and pick up the obscurity of hentai. ((I want to see how people would go about ghettofying a tenticle monster. XO))
XD. I think it's perfect to have Sailormoon as the next theme.

God if that cosplay wasn;t killed more then a MILLION times. Plus, it might be fun to try and find something to do her. Though I doubt I would have ANYTHING lol.

HAHAHA, I wanna do the tenticle monster though. Oh would there be fun and hours of messy mess to deal with that one. I'm glad I could give a nice and swift (kick) of CPR into this place!