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Welcome to da Hood, ya'll

Hey all,

I'm one of your ghetto mods. Your other one is sampatches. We don't really have rules for this community yet, just kind of use the guidelines on the profile page and you'll be fine. If you need examples of ghetto cosplay, there are two pictures on the profile page, too!

Anyway, this is just your generic welcome post. You know, the ones that welcome you to the group and will only welcome people BEFORE the next twenty-one posts are made. The ones that point out things that you've already seen. The ones that let you know who's boss.. in that nice nasty kind of "Hi, how are you? Did you know that you're my bitch now? ^_^" way? Yeah. One of those posts.

Have fun!!!

(And they always remind you to have fun! Like you joined a community so you could be bored. GAW!!! WHY DO WE MAKE THESE THINGS!?!?!? TO HAVE FUN!!! YES!!! BUT THE IDIOT MODERATORS such as myself ALWAYS POP UP WITH OUR LITTLE NICE-NASTY GRINS AND SAY "Oh, you're an idiot, so, I'm sure you've forgottent to, so here I am saying 'Have Fun'.... Idiot."

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this.)

OH and one rule that I HAVE to remind you all of:

Abso-fricken'-lutely NO pictureless posts. This is a community for images so.. um... it wouldn't make sense not to post any.

((The opinions stated here are solely those of splitpea If you find them mean, offensive, or lewd, they probably are. Just don't pin the same tags on sampatches because she's a heck of a lot nicer than splitpea
And.. just so I won't be breaking my own rule:
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