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The Ghetto Cosplay Files

Where you can get away with coffee filter Chii ears

Ghetto Cosplay
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Ghetto Cosplay Community

Owned and maintained by splitpea and sampatches

Any questions?
Email Splitpea
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What exactly do we do?

Once a week we'll post an image of a character, as well as the name of the character, and the anime/manga/band they're from. It is your job as a member to, before the week is over, post images of yourself in a homemade version of the character.

This week's character: Yoh Asakura from Shaman King

  • DO NOT post pictureless posts. Any post made that doesn't contain an image relevant to this community will be deleted.
  • Consider this your posting format:
    Name of Character from Name of Series/Band/etc
    Notes, Comments, Mindless banter, etc.
  • Place ALL (not one or two, but: ALL) images behind an LJ cut. I've seen places where they say "If the image is big" or something like that, but some people have different veiws of what's big and what's not, so let's solve that problem by just putting ALL images behind an LJ cut. Don't know how to make an LJ cut? Click Here.

    File of "Don'ts"

  • DON'T go buy things. Use what you have in you closet or can borrow from a friend.
  • DON'T Worry about your hair-color. If you have the right style, go with it.
  • DON'T worry about hair-style. If it's the right color, that's fine too!
  • DON'T worry about clothing being the right color, texture, style, pattern, etc. As long as we can look at it and see that it vaguely represents the intended character, we'll just laugh with you and pat you on the back for a ghetto cosplay job well done!

    File of "Dos"

  • DO use wigs if you have them.
  • DO take a couple of minutes to pin up, curl, etc. your hair if you can do it.
  • DO use relevant props. (i.e. Use a black cat plushie if you're Vash the Stampede, Sailor Moon, or someone from FLCL.)
  • DO put snarky text on your images. (i.e. "I'll whap you with my brush ghetto gun!!!")
  • Use shoeboxes to turn yourself into a big mecha!!!
  • DO pose. There's nothing better than ghetto role-play!!!
  • DO type up a list of items you used and what you used them for (i.e. "I used paper cups for knee-pads")

    And remember. sampatches and splitpea have the ultimate power around here. We can kick you out on a whim. But don't take it personally, it'll probably just be because Splitpea thinks you suck. Seriously, just don't break any rules. Play nice, now kiddies.

    Journal layout courtesy of lane.